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MagVita (MagVenture) TMS

Goolsby & Associates now offers MagVita TMS therapy for depression. The MagVita instrument is FDA-cleared and approved for patients suffering from major depressive disorder. MagVita TMS therapy takes place in our office under the supervision of our staff. During the treatment, the MagVita system is positioned on the left front side of the head. Repetitive bursts of electricity are passed through the system into targeted parts of the brain. All sessions are performed by our licensed physicians. Treatment sessions are less than 45 minutes and are performed 5 days a week over a 6-week period. MagVita TMS therapy is intended for patients who have not seen lasting improvements from antidepressant medications or prior psychotherapy methods.

Neurostar TMS Therapy

Treat depression at the source with Neurostar TMS therapy system. Neurostar is an FDA-approved, noninvasive and non-drug treatment for people suffering from major depressive disorder and other conditions. With TMS therapy, you can reduce the medication dosage you are currently taking or avoid antidepressants all together. The Neurostar patented precision system is a safe and transformative solution for depression treatment and is the #1 choice of healthcare providers. The system has been FDA-cleared since 2008 and is a trusted system offered at Goolsby & Associates in Gainesville.

Magstim TMS Therapy

Goolsby & Associates is pleased to offer the Magstim stimulator for treatment for nerve and brain disorders. The manufacturers at Magstim have been the leaders in their field. Having pioneered the technology for transcranial magnetic stimulation, their equipment is state-of-the-art and trusted by healthcare providers worldwide. The Magstim system has used cutting edge magnetic field technology to treat over 1 million patients to improve overall mood, concentration, energy and sleep quality.


Goolsby & Associates is committed to connecting you with the latest news and information about transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy. TMS+You is a community website for patients going through or considering TMS therapy.

Clinical TMS Society

Goolsby & Associates is proud to be a member of the Clinical TMS Society, "a professional association dedicated to optimizing clinical practice, awareness, and accessibility of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy." (Source: Clinical TMS Society's mission statement)