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Benefits of TMS Therapy

TMS therapy is the most ideal, non-systemic and noninvasive procedure for the treatment of major depressive disorder, recurrent, moderate to severe, and does not require sedation or surgery. Unlike medication, TMS is not associated with sleep issues, nausea, weight gain or other common side effects that can occur with traditional antidepressant medication use. It is conveniently performed right here in our office under our supervision and patients stay alert and awake during each treatment. Once the treatment session is over patients can resume their normal routine.

TMS therapy allows patients to have a more active, improved quality of life. This treatment method leads to better sleep, eating better and expands cognition.

Who Can Benefit from TMS

Depression treatment is not one size fits all, and we know that each person’s story is unique. This new and alternative treatment solution has been shown to work in people who have not achieved meaningful and lasting improvement from prior methods or are unable to tolerate the side effects caused by drug interactions.

The experienced staff at Goolsby & Associates has been serving patients across North Georgia for over 30 years. Contact us to schedule your consultation with Dr. Goolsby to see if TMS could be the right fit to treating your depression.