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TMS Therapy is an FDA approved treatment for major depressive disorder, moderate to severe. TMS is done within the safety of our office by our trained staff and does not require anesthesia or any type of sedation. Treatments are completed with little to no discomfort in as little as five minutes per treatment. Get the help you or your loved ones deserve today to gain control back over your depression with the help of Dr. Goolsby and our team.

*Patient testimonials from TMS+You

I was hesitant to try TMS, I didn't really think it would work. I just couldn't see how it would help me at all. I just decided that I had been depressed for so long, I would give TMS a try. I'm thankful to the good Lord I did. It has not changed only my life but my husband's life. I haven't felt this good in twenty years, maybe longer. I feel like a young woman again...As far as feeling, I feel great!!
Thank you all for what your have done for my son. He is forever changed, and so am I.
I wish I could express in words what a difference the TMS treatment have made in my life. I don't just feel better, I feel like a different person.